Liberty Hall School

Liberty Hall School is in the Lodi community of Washington County. Originally built as an all male academy in  a different location, the current structure was erected in 1915 and subsequently went abandoned in the early 1980's. There is a Facebook page for all Liberty Hall alumnus that offers firsthand stories of it's past, including listening to the announcement of President Kennedy's assassination on Mrs. Weaver's transistor radio, being frustrated with the manual keys in Miss Shields' typing class because they would get stuck and make it difficult to accomplish 65 words per minute, and playing Cowboys and Indians in the graveyard across the street, where soldiers from the Revolutionary War were buried. The school has since been purchased by a local farmer and is used to store hay. The upstairs auditorium has collapsed and the interior and exterior are decaying as quick as the memories that she offers. Here is the school months before she closed almost 40 years ago and an image of what she looks like today. Soon she will be gone. But now, never forgotten. 

Liberty Hall 1979.jpg