"Plashal's World"

People often ask, "What is your favorite image"? Obviously, that constantly evolves. At first, it was a selfie I took under the Milky Way and aurora in Iceland. Then that was superseded by a haunting James River shot I took of Caroline in the fog at the Pony Pasture. Now, it is this shot. Not because this follows all the rules of photography, because it doesn't. I like it for multiple reasons. It has juxtaposition on multiple fronts, left to right and top to bottom Many encouraged me to crop out the cows. I felt that they should stay. The other reason I like this image is because it was terribly difficult to find, which makes the image that much more meaningful. I have yet to get a story on this place and may keep it that way. In some situations, I prefer not knowing the history of the place, including this one. It deserves to remain mysterious. It reminds many of Andrew Wyeth's "Christina's World" , minus the woman on the ground. I call this "Plashal's World"....and yes, I took a selfie of me crawling up that hill too.